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Historical Society of Saginaw County

Castle Museum, headquarters of the Historical Society of Saginaw County MI.

The Historical Society of Saginaw County is headquartered in the Castle Museum, an 1898 former post office that was designed to resemble a French Renaissance chateau. As growth in the community outstripped the functional capacity of the post office, it was twice threatened with demolition. Eventually, in 1970, the property was transferred to Saginaw County, which then partnered with the Historical Society of Saginaw County to ensure the building's continued preservation and interpretation as a museum.

Without the efforts of volunteers, much of what the museum does to engage the community would have to be severely curtailed or eliminated. Most museum tours are led by volunteer docents. Volunteer Master Gardeners also plan, plant, and maintain the museum grounds. Building maintenance and improvements, including painting and exhibit construction, are also undertaken by volunteers.

In addition to its work with the Castle Museum, the Historical Society of Saginaw County also has an active Archaeology Program that works to preserve, investigate, and interpret important archaeological sites in the county. An archaeologist and team of volunteers conduct field surveys designed to find and document archaeological sites and to conduct archaeological excavations to learn more information about the former occupants of the Saginaw Valley. Fieldwork currently focuses on the archaeology of the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge, located near the center of the Saginaw Valley.

For more information: Historical Society of Saginaw County

Updated on April 11, 2015

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