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Laws and Authorities Related to NHPA

While the National Historic Preservation Act is the principal Federal law dealing with historic preservation, there are numerous other statutes that relate to various aspects of the Federal historic preservation program. These range from the protection of archeological sites on Federal lands, to the recognition of properties of traditional cultural or religious significance to Native Americans.

Preserve America Executive Order Text

Preserve America Executive Order Advisory Guidelines

Relationship of Section 106 Responsibilities to Other Laws (NEPA, NAGPRA, ADA, AIRFA, AHPA, ARPA, and Agency-Specific Legislation)

Executive Order 13006—Locating Federal Facilities on Historic Properties in Our Nation's Central Cities (1996)

Executive Order 13007—Indian Sacred Sites (1996)

Executive Order 13061—Federal Support of Community Efforts Along American Heritage Rivers (1997)

Updated December 2, 2013

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