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Preserve America Community:
Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Fort Thomas (population of 16,500) is located along a bluff overlooking the Ohio River and Cincinnati, Ohio. Archeology indicates that the town was the site of a great Indian battle among the Cherokee, Shawnee, and Miami tribes around 1749.

Merchants and Music FestivalKnown as the "city of beautiful homes," Fort Thomas boasts more than 160 residences that are at least 100 years old. In the early 1900s, mineral water springs were discovered in the area, and entrepreneurs turned much of the city into a health resort.

The fort itself was constructed between 1890 and 1901, serving as a mobilization point during the Spanish-American War, then as a military hospital. A landmark 102-foot-tall stone water tower memorializes those who lost their lives in that war.

In 1970, Fort Thomas was able to purchase a portion of the deactivated fort and put it to new public uses. Both the Armory Building and the Old Mess Hall are being used as recreational and meeting facilities.

The city acquired a number of officers' quarters, now listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and has resold them to private individuals under agreements that continue to protect these treasures and their place in the community's history and landscape.

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City of Fort Thomas: www.ftthomas.org

Updated August 10, 2009

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